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September 9, 2008

Getting more out of Ovi

GLOBAL – Mike gave us the heads up on this earlier, but now we’ve got full access to the new Ovi videos available for your enjoyment. The videos give us a little insight into the new features rolling out on Ovi and a closer look at some of the tastier elements. Wondering what the little fellas with wings are in the first vid? They’d be new Ovi icons, soon to be making appearances in places you might not previously imagine. Mike has more on that, and there’s talk of a video interview later with the people responsible later in the week.

The second video on show is a lot more practical, with Aapo Bovellan, taking us through the details of Files on Ovi, and how you can access your PC from anywhere, right from your phone. Check them out after the jump.

Ovi – what’s new

All about Files on Ovi