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September 10, 2008

Redefining the word choice

GLOBAL – It’s pretty well documented that I’m a big fan of syncing, or as Mike puts it a sync-a-holic (shouldn’t that be syncophantic?) such is my desire to be in sync. Same goes for Mail, as it happens, and it didn’t half put a smile on my chops when I saw the Mail for Exchange announcement this morning. 43 new devices now support the software and, the product people tell us, this is the widest range of Mail for Exchange devices out there. What’s interesting about this though is the scope for choice, and specifically, that business users really no longer strictly need pure business devices.

There’s always stuff like security to consider, but at least with Mail for Exchange that’s pretty well sorted. And the good thing about Exchange is that it isn’t just Mail, but Calendar, Contacts, tasks and company directory which get synced too.

I’ll admit though that for me none of this actually means anything to my life. I use a Mac and my company doesn’t use Exchange, see, and having anything that uses Mail for Exchange is about as useful as a car without petrol. And I find it pretty frustrating because I happen to think it’s a great product, and from what users have been telling me, it works bloody well. At least for most of the other 80 million plus S60 users though, I’m sure it’ll be a right boon!

We caught up with the Mail for Exchange product manager Andrea Rakowski, so look out later for an interview with her and a video interview with her boss too.