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September 12, 2008

Co-creation love-in at Nokia Open Labs in Helsinki

HELSINKI, Finland – I was invited to come check out the Nokia Open Labs workshops here in Helsinki today. Last night I met some of the attendees and, must say, I am impressed with the roster.

The Nokia Open Labs is a discussion of the future, the kind of discussion you get when you pack 40-plus people in a small room, 40-plus people who live at the cutting-edge and have no reservations when it comes to sharing their thoughts. These workshops are a way for Nokia to get a fresh dose of ideas and new topics to think about.

Read on to see how you can follow this event online.

Nokia Open labs is using various channels to get the word out during and after the event.

– The Nokia Opens Labs site – This is the central place for you to find the links to attendees websites, where they will be talking about what they think and do here. Also, you can find links to photo streams and video streams.

– Live streaming – The folks here have a nice camera crew that are taking videos of everything, but are also streaming over Qik.

– Photos – There is a photo stream on Share on Ovi.

– And there is a chat box, as well, if you’re interested.

– I also heard that there are some activities on the Nokia Island in Second Life. How cool.

I’ll try to pay attention and give some sort of update of the event, but so far it’s been great.