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September 18, 2008

Your life, on a vine

GLOBAL – Annoyingly, the app itself isn’t out yet but the newly renamed NokiaviNe has been turned over to a collection of blogging enthusiasts around the world, to try out for a couple of months. Ms Jen from Darla Mack is one and she’s going to be charting her course, as it were, on Darla Mack’s site (disclaimer – we’re big DM fans!). Before she does though, she’s given a little bit of background on the app that I think has most intrigued me, at least (for several reasons).

Ms Jen was one of the Urbanistas who took part in Nokia’s Urbanista diaries previously. That experience wasn’t wholly unlike using Nokia viNe given that the process involved taking pictures and tagging them with Sports Tracker before uploading them to a special website. Nokia viNe uses the Sports Tracker base, to tag and record pictures before uploading them to a, you guessed it, special site.

I’m still really curious about Nokia viNe and really want to get my hands on a copy and play with it (hint hint). For now though, like the rest of you, I’ll be watching patiently from the sidelines.