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September 22, 2008

N96 television snacks feed the mobile TV monster

UK – The elusive beast that is mobile television has yet to tightly wrap its tentacles around the globe, however on-the-go telly is clearly still on the menu looking ahead.

Today mobile TV rears its head on UK shores courtesy of the newly released N96 handset, which is launching alongside a new mobile television channel called Capsule N96, filled with exclusive snack-sized shows with a cute running time of 96 seconds per episode. But is 96 seconds really enough to satiate your appetite for TV about town?

The sheer nature of mobile apps and services undoubtedly dictates they need to be instant, obvious and quick to digest. So with Mobile TV falling into this space, so should the same rules apply here? I’m torn, as part of me thinks it’s a great idea as I could probably consume a handful of shows in a day, but would never have time to soak up an entire 25 minute episode of anything in an entire week (between checking email, texting and breathing), despite my desire to. So 96 second shows seem more palatable with a level head, and tight

Laser-focussed on the entertainment side of things Capsule 96 is offering a selection of shows tailored around the likes of motoring, fashion, comedy and gadgets. It can be viewed or downloaded at

What are your thoughts on mobile TV in general, and Capsule 96? Let us know below.

Photo from blakewest