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September 22, 2008

OneWebDay is here! Do something!

INTERNATIONAL – Just wanted to remind everyone that today is OneWebDay. We wrote a few stories back in August about it. But now today is the day.

There’s a great article in the Huffington Post about the origins of the Day and what’s going on. Please go read it.

From the grape vine

One of the info mails I got last week listed a ton of activities (text edited from info mail):

Washington DC’s OneWebDay team, led by Nathan James, is creating a time capsule of eDemocracy tools. Of course, the question then becomes how exactly do you bury an electronic time capsule?

Jon Lebkowsky and his team in Austin, Texas are having a ‘Uber-Jelly Jam Barcampian Melange’ all day long. They’ll have pics and video on their site.

I hear that in Cincinnati, representatives of the McCain and Obama campaigns will have a Skype videoconference debate.

And it’s global too

While originating from the US, there will be events also in Melbourne, London, Copenhagen, Tunisia. For example, in Tunisia, there will be a ‘Ramadan Night’ where folks will choose the best personalized ‘Ramadan E-Card’ sent to the OneWebDay Tunisia team. Funky.

Now go out and do something on the Web!

Well, more than just reading this, of course.