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September 23, 2008

Point and find to hit beta soon

ESPOO, Finland – The astute amongst you will remember Point and Find from last year’s The Way We Live Next conference. Well, it’s just been revealed that it’ll be seeing the light of day some time soon, in the form of a beta app. We’re pretty excited about this, as full evidence of what we’re seeing as an idea in NRC becoming a real life business.

The service is already in closed Beta and will be hitting public beta in a few months. It’ll be free to users and funded, initially at least, through advertising.

This will be a new approach to a problem companies have been trying to solve before. Using a combination of barcodes, Bluetooth and other technologies, presenting local information easily to users has always struggled for traction. This though could be a real opportunity, given the basic concept of putting the access to the information on the device, rather than at the location.

Like NokiaviNe, this is one we’re keen to see come to life.