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September 23, 2008

The future of weather

ESPOO, Finland – Okay, not too much on this but it’s important enough to warrant it’s own post. Nokia researchers are looking at how information gathered from Nokia devices could be aggregated and processed to turn out an up to the minute weather service.

Sound a bit nutty? Read on and find out why this could actually happen.

Right now there are about 3.3 billion mobile devices out there. Of those there are over 1 billion Nokias. Now, okay, this doesn’t apply to every one of those devices, but there are already 10 sensors available on devices. And that’s before we see a range of new ones coming on stream over the next few years.

Now, give the rate of adoption of new technologies, see how those new sensors and technologies filter down through those billion plus devices. Now, add in real time data gathering (anonymously) aggregation and distilling and you have a real time weather service. Why rely on fixed-location weather stations when instead you could use mobile weather stations. And lots more of them.