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October 1, 2008

Outrageous Nokia headset designs to become reality

UK – Parrot feathers, mini satellite dishes and exhaust pipes aren’t commonly found on a pair of headphones (unless you live in Shibuya, Tokyo, of course, where anything goes). But these are exactly the sorts of decorative trinkets that could well find their way onto a bespoke Nokia headset.

Earlier, I had a URL shoved under my nose that pointed to the Music Almighty Headset Competition which begins today – a quite brilliantly quirky design contest that asks anyone to submit designs for Nokia headsets, with the five winning design concepts actually being tailor made into real-life fully working products and showcased as a collection in Nokia’s flagship stores. And as you can probably guess from the photo, the ‘anything goes’ ethos definitely applies here. Read on for more info…

The competition kick-started today and runs up until the end of December. Any designs that are submitted will be uploaded to the Gallery on the Music Almighty Headset Competition site. Once up there anyone can vote for the designs, with the top 10 highest rated being plucked out and whittled down to five winners chosen by a panel of design and music experts.

The creative juices are encouraged to flow with any of Nokia’s Bluetooth stereo headsets as the foundation for the designs (BH-501, BH-503, BH-903 and BH-604). Who’s up for entering?

It’s great to see Nokia’s passion for design expressed in the form of this smart competition which has co-creation as its backbone, with the users designing the concept and the Nokia teams creating the tangible product.

What do you think? Should Nokia do this for phones too?