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October 2, 2008

5800 XpressMusic announced

LONDON, England – Jo Harlow has just revealed the ‘Tube’ from her pocket. Following some banter from Tero, about the Tube (the London Underground). She hasn’t given the name yet, but no doubt we’ll be treated to that shortly.

She’s also revealed that Comes With Music will be launched within two weeks. Just one year after the first Nokia Music Store launched.

Jo’s asking what young consumers want from their Music device. Speakers, storage, media are all requirements from users nowadays. Text and email are key too. Phone calls haven’t been mentioned yet, but the internet plays a part.

If we live in the western world, Jo says, we want to be able to sync the device. If we live in the developing world we want easy access to purchase music. Oh, and we want it to be a phone. Oh, and it needs to be affordable too.

Here it is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.