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October 2, 2008

5800 XpressMusic behind the features

LONDON, England – Jo has just given us a full rundown on the new features of the 5800. The Contacts and Media Bars looks pretty awesome actually. Being able to pull all the info relating to one person together in one place rocks. Most of the dialogue I have on my phone happens between a small group of people, so I can see how the Contacts bar makes sense.

Quick access to Media is cool too. Hot keys to access things like camera and gallery is fine, but being able to flick easily between one and the other is a nice bonus too. I’l looking forward to trying that.

Fingers, stylus, virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition, and a plectrum. That last one’s just a bit of fun, Jo says.

There’s plenty more too, but too much to go into right now. Oh, it’s 279 euros. Affordable then. It’ll be shipping, “shortly”.

Tero’s coming back now. He should have an update for Comes With Music for us. “A total music experience”.