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October 2, 2008


LONDON, England – We’re here live from London and Tero Ojanper√§ and Jo Harlow are on stage introducing us to the event. The crowds are gathered and seated, and the introductions are being made. Jo is head of music devices whilst Tero, as we’re well aware, runs the music and entertainment side of things for Nokia.

Playlist seems to be the thing tonight. There’s a lot going on tonight and We’re being asked right now how many of us are still buying CDs. More people than I thought use their phone to listen to music, which is encouraging.

Tero is talking about us changing our music listening habits and how social sharing. Nokia’s approach to music seems to combine the two. He’s now telling us a story about a girl in India, which the researchers had found. An interesting tale too about a taxi driver in India who, when asked to turn on the radio, took out his mobile phone.

We’ll have more on the announcements when they come up. Should be in about 15 minutes.