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October 2, 2008

Nokia and Music

LONDON, England – Tero’s back on stage now, telling us about the various Music offerings on the software front. The Nokia Music Store and now Nokia Music for PC. How it manages your music, syncs your playlist and the like.

Comes With Music gives you unlimited access to all the music available in the Nokia Music Store for one whole year after which you can keep it forever (on a single device).

35 per cent of people who access the 11 Nokia Music Stores are doing so from their phone. One third of the downloads happen over the air. That’s pretty impressive.

As we’ve written about on Conversations before, one of the big things about the Nokia Music store is it’s localisation. Only the other day we wrote about Spain, which is the newest Nokia Music Store, which is a country where 70 per cent of the music purchased is made by local artists.

Comes With Music is an easy way to explore and experiment with music.

On the Music store front, a whole range of independent labels have joined up alongside the big labels. Indies such as The Orchard, Ministry of Sound and PIAS are all on board.