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October 2, 2008

REMIX questions answered

LONDON, England – Jo and Tero are back on stage now to answer questions. We’ll pick up the best ones and recite them as best we can.

Tero is now answering a question about the relationship with the operators, commenting that the introduction of the 18 month offering, to match products.

“Would you sell the package without the device?”
Tero says at this point in time we’re not doing something right now. It’s about the value package of the device and the service.

“How far are you on getting the service launched in the US and Japan”
More news next year on different markets, says Tero. The US should be happening in 2009.

“When will the 5800 XpressMusic be shipping in India?”

Before the end of this year, says Jo.

“Will there be a limited number of songs to download?”

It’s an unlimited service, says Tero. That means there won’t be a limit.