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October 2, 2008

Will.I.Am at REMIX

Black Eyed Peas founder Will.I.Am has come all the way from the States to talk to us about what Nokia’s approach to Music means to him. Interesting insight too. The fact there are very few stores left in the USA now, and only a few left in the UK.

He’s also talking about how a piece of music on the Internet versus a piece of music (or recording) on vinyl. He wants to redefine what the album is. Actually, he’s not come all the way from the states, he’s here to record a new record.

He’s asking about why a song is four minutes. And how it doesn’t need to be four minutes any more. With the Internet and Mobile, a song can be anything. “I can make a song where when you press ‘3’ it does something different”. Looks like Will.I.Am is taking a whole new approach to music. And I like it. In fact, I dig it.

He just played his song for Barack Obama, Yes We Can

He’s also showing off the variant of what he did with Yes We Can. Using pictures uploaded by people interacting with the site, he’s made something completely different. It’s genuinely cool.

Music is changing. Rapidly. The Internet, technology, it’s all changing it. There’s no doubt about it there. He wants to add hooks into songs, where if he’s playing a song on stage, when he gets to a hook, it’ll actually hit people right in their phones. People. In. The. Audience. That’s all quite nuts. But he isn’t. Interesting.

Yes We Can has had 18 million views. Sometimes, Will.I.Am says music isn’t supposed to be free.