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October 2, 2008

You ain’t seen me, right!

LONDON, England – Why is it that Nokia turns up in the most curious places? I was toddling around on Facebook when I noticed a ‘friend’ was off to something called “Secret Cinema”. All’s fair so far. I took a look at the link and it was a story about Secret Cinema, the concept and what not.

And it turns out, Nokia’s involved. As a sponsor. Every month apparently there’s a gathering for people who “love stimulating, challenging and groundbreaking cinema”. It goes on to say how The Internet is changing the way we watch films, but secret cinema is changing where we watch films.

Every month there’s a secret location – city farms, derelict theaters, five star hotel car parks, rooftops and parks are all potential venues. Needless to say I’ve dropped my name in the hat. There’s one on this Friday so I’ll see if I can find out what it’s like and let you all know.

Meanwhile, anyone been to one yet? Or know any more about it?