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October 6, 2008

The Way We Live Next video round-up – part 2

ESPOO, Finland – Earlier, we flooded your field of vision with a bunch of interesting videos that came out of Nokia’s The Way We Live Next event a couple of weeks back.

So this second slew of smart clips are now ready for consumption. So click through if any of the following phrases take your fancy: mobile controlled bugs, intelligent camera phones and voice assisted text.

This one’s been doing the rounds online for a while now, but it’s still good fun. The old monster truck has been replaced by a pint-sized bug. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a little application which uses the device’s accelerometer to tell the car what to do and Bluetooth to send the info. Good fun, but tricky to use!

Point and Find
We’ve already written plenty about Point and Find and given its imminent arrival on the UK and US shores, we’re pretty excited about it. Designed initially for movies, we suspect, you simply point your phone’s intelligent camera at a movie poster, and a whole load of associated info will show up on your phone, including ratings, trailers and even the chance to buy tickets.

Authentication Solution
Pasi Kemppainen steps in front of the camera to give a quick demo of the world’s first mobile-based product authentication and anti counterfeiting app. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, so the simple concept is that you can use an NFC-enabled handset to tap a tagged product to check it’s authentic before you buy it. It doesn’t matter what you’re buying – if it’s got a tag you can check it first to be sure you’re buying the real deal. You can get heaps of other details too, such as who the official distributor is and where it should be selling (so you can check it’s not stolen!).

Friend view
Shown on the N95 8GB, Friend View is a location aware social networking application research project that’s being developed at the Nokia Research Center. The interface is a global map with details and message status updates appearing alongside friend icons plotted on the map – live message threads can be started at any time. Plus, you can instantly find out where all your friends are at any one time. It sounds quite similar to Nokia Chat and Plazes, but interface is the most obvious difference.

Voice Assisted Text
Pasi Kemppainen takes us through Voice Assisted Text, which, as you can probably guess, is an application that enables you to dictate messages with your voice that are instantly converted into text, ready to be fired off as an SMS.

Photo from mararie