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October 7, 2008

When emotions and design collide

HONG KONG, China – Top human behavioural researcher at Nokia Design, Jan Chipchase, has highlighted an interesting conference that he’s be speaking at today dubbed Design & Emotion, the core theme being “Dare to design” and emotions.

Branching off this central thread are some fascinating areas of design that are extremely relevant in the mobile space.

One of the key sub-topics that is going to be explored at the event, which runs until 9 October, is technology and materials, and the Design & Emotion site has fuelled our interest by stating:

“Although materials and technology cannot experience emotions, their objective properties, which are perceived with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense of touch, will generate subjective impressions. This theme invites papers that address the emotional impact of materials and technology, affective computing, and the challenges of building emotional machines”

As for Jan, his keynote speech entitled “Street / Emotion” is happening later today at the conference, so we’ll be sure to bring you the lowdown on how that went and the highlights.

A while back we touched on this idea of emotion and design, in a post Mobile attraction. What ignites the flame?

How significant a part in design is emotion, especially when it comes to Nokia creating new devices? Like toys of our childhood, some products leave a sentimental attachment and unexplained fondness. Or is that just me?