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October 8, 2008

Books for the mobile worm

LONDON, England – Now here’s an interesting little concept – the mobile book reader. Vodafone, who’s behind has, according to the chaps on, announced that its to start selling ebooks on the book download site. This will go alongside the audio books already available and all are designed to work on your phone. Natty.

I want to see it. I really do. Five years ago I dismissed the concept
of electronic books and paper completely out of hand with a
“not-in-my-lifetime” style declaration. Today though my attitude is
changing. Amazon’s Kindle seems to be picking up some pace, and there
are others too gathering popularity.

Think of the school kids who no
longer need to break their backs with hefty tomes (and where do they
get the chance to build up their strength? I used to cycle seven miles
to school, complete with hefty tomes). Still, call that part evolution.
Or something.

Back to the point, books on your phone. What do you think? I’m not sure
but I am keen to see. Audio books I get and I think would – though have yet to try – work brilliantly on my phone, but the written word? On that, I am still
without a verdict. Your thoughts?

Photo from chitrasudar