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October 9, 2008

Getting in touch with your inner Nokia

Copenhagen, DENMARK – I’m here in Copenhagen for the New Media Days conference (I’m on a panel today), and wanted to catch up with some of the bookmarks I’ve had lying around these past few days, and why they caught my attention.

This batch really revolves around touch user interfaces, some videos, and some really, really expensive gadgets.

Touch me

Last week was a big week for us with the launch of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone. In case you missed it, this sleek music device also had a touch screen. We were concerned that folks would try to compare us with the Apple iPhone (which they did). But, fortunately, folks realized that this phone is targeted at a different market than the higher-end iPhone. So, we’re cool with all that.

But, what’s even better, at least two lists popped up that listed other Nokia devices that had touch screens.

And keep in mind, not only is the 5800 not our first touch device, it’s not our last. Our execs have been quite clear that we will bring touch screens to more devices and across our range (so expect a choice of touch screen device for everyone, not just Apple fanboys).*

Feel me

Our good friends at Nokia Beta Labs have made a video or two. These videos are to give folks a demo of the different apps that are in Beta Labs.

Well, now they want to do more and recently released two more – one about 2D Barcodes and one about the Beta Labs itself. Go check them out. Heck, they’ve set up a whole channel in Share on Ovi.

Tommi has asked me to get more involved with these videos, so let’s see what we come up with.

See me

While it’s not exactly being bundled with our devices, I think it’s great that Qik got a spot in our on-device marketplace to distribute their apps directly to the devices that can use the app.

Alas, while this is a great example of a game-changing app being available directly off our phones, I find our Download! catalog to be weak, undervalued, and just plain not really spoken about (despite insane marketing campaigns). While companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft tout their new mobile market places, Nokia misses the opportunity to define the experience, even after having a market place for a few years on millions of devices.


Yet, there was some motion in the department recently and I hope that our Download! gets the face-lift it deserves. Considering the kind of reach we have, it’s a shame we aren’t more organized in this area. (and if you agree with me, please say so below)

Drool me

While we are on the matter of sensual experiences, I definitely need to point out Anirudh’s S60 Blog round up of the most expensive phones, phones encrusted with diamonds and what-not.

So, Nokia has the Arte, laminated with gold, and our sister company, Vertu, is hand-crafting sapphire bejeweled wonders. But these million-buck devices sure take the cake.

Image from fchosson

*I got a good peek at the portfolio a few weeks back and have been meaning to comment on it (but obviously not reveal anything, so don’t get all hot and bothered). I’ll get to it soon, I hope.