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GLOBAL – Sometimes it takes someone else to notice something you do before you really take notice of it yourself. I like to think I’m well up on Nokia’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, particularly given that we write a fair amount about it here on Conversations.

But a piece today on brought home just how dramatic Nokia’s activities in that regard are.

I’d always been a bit so-what ish about the charging alarm Nokia
introduced a while back. Perhaps because of my own initial lazy attempts
to ignore the alarm (or get slightly irritated at it) specially when
it woke my wife at night. But, you know what, that Alarm is actually
one of the best things to happen to me and my devices. See, now I
actually listen to it. And, if you multiply that reaction as Earth911
suggests by 10s, even hundreds, of millions the impact is quite
profound. And ongoing too.

But as Charlie is prone to saying every so often, we don’t like to toot
our own horn here on Conversations (no, really) so if you want to find
out more about the wondrous acts to make the world a better place,
check out the post on When you’re done, list your top
green priorities here please. What have you done? What would you like
to do? What would you like to see Nokia do?