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October 14, 2008

The blog in my pocket – it’s alive!

LONDON, England – At first I didn’t think anything of it. Whilst secretly I was hoping that someone might actually visit, with no visitors in the 15 minutes or so after I set the post live, I kinda gave up on it. But a few hours later, I took a look at the log, and lo and behold, I’ve had a whole bunch of people come to look at The Blog In My Pocket. Well waddya know! Having simply put two rather feeble blog posts on, I figure I better do some more, so here’s an update from my brand new, pet project.

I’ve fixed it so you can now comment on my blog posts (thanks for the
heads up Atanas B). I’m also in the process of sorting it so you don’t
need to log in to see my Blog. Each section of the site needs to have
the settings changed to allow anyone access to it, so that all takes a
bit of time to get set up. I’m getting there though.

I’ve added a Guestbook, so visitors can leave a message. How very 1995,
don’t you think? Cute though. First one’s mine, obviously.

I’ve set up a new photo album so it’s easier to share images. They’re
still pretty small though, so don’t expect a glorious look at my life.
Check out the kids on their EarlyRiders though.

Ooh, I’ve just added Device state, so you can see where I am and what
my phone is doing. I’m not so sure about that now. Is it a good thing?
I might switch that off later. The GPS positioning is way off. I think
that might be a neat security feature though, as it’s normally spot on.

You’ll forgive me for not wanting to share the details of my calendar.
Apart from the fact it’s jammed full to bursting with loads of
interesting stuff (not!), some things just need to be kept private.

Which brings me back to the start. For the evening my phone has stayed
mostly in my pocket. And thinking back, I’ve essentially had strangers
(well, most of us have never met, have we?) from all over the world
stop by and have a look around my phone. Whilst it’s been in my pocket.
Is that a good thing?