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October 15, 2008

Wooden it be nice?

GLOBAL – Regular readers will only be too aware that we don’t comment on upcoming launches here on Conversations. Which is why we’re perfectly able to comment on this wooden handset, currently gathering news steam on the world’s tech blogs. Pretty much every site worth its salt has run a story on this over the last few days and there’s hot speculation, and anticipation on where it comes from (with the hottest rumours being something knocked up by a couple of Nokia’s designers).

Truth is, we don’t know for sure. Whilst the concept is interesting, we wonder about the feasibility. A phone case made almost entirely from wood? Surely not? The screen is a dead give away that this eight-megapixel monster is nothing more than a mock-up. The date on the screen, too, suggests that it isn’t even a fresh story, which is a shame. That hasn’t stopped the speculation though…

TrendHunter had this to say about the wooden device

“Before now, gadgets with wood coverings, like old television sets, gave a “sophisticated vibe”. Today, however, we consider those retro devices very outdated.”

Meanwhile Keetsa’s blog from the matress store says

“Imagine a Nokia phone made out of wood? Now that would certainly be a classic.”

And finally the team at Concept Phones reckoned

“The handset looks more like a camera than a phone to me, but it’s equally hot.”

So, what do you think? Wooden phone? The future, or the past?