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ESPOO, Finland – If there is one constant in this whacky tech industry, it’s that products get faster and better. Every so often, I get a good glimpse at our future portfolio, and comparing it with the advances we’ve had in the past years, this constant holds.

Oh. Yeah. I would like to tell you all the things we’re coming out with, but I can’t. Naturally. And don’t go trying to find any hidden meaning in what I write. I’m not revealing anything.

Nonetheless, continue, if you want to join a discussion on the future of mobile devices and services.

Software and services

In the past few years, Nokia went from having small and disconnected pieces of software and services to a strong collection of software and services that are starting to coalesce. Sure, we will be growing these services, tweaking them to better serve our users. We will also be continuing the trend of making these services more cohesive as a whole, not only between the services, but also with the devices, as it makes sense and is achievable.


Every so often, I find a device we make that makes me wonder if we can top it. Once it was the Nokia 6680. Then the N70 came out and I thought we had really reached a pinnacle. Now I am enraptured by the N85, a device I longed for once I saw it in the portfolio (and sadly so, as the day I put it down approaches – but that’s a story for later). Yet, I am reminded that Nokia is its own competitor, regularly coming out with a device that raises the bar once more.

An integrated company

While it’s always a given that products today will be surpassed by products tomorrow, what amazes me is that we’re able to accomplish so much on the momentum of an organization that had multiple separate parts. I won’t go into the details, but earlier this year, the company made a major company-wide reorganization, making the company more streamlined, simple, and integrated.

What impresses me is that I am already seeing the effects of this company-wide integration effort. We’re clearly displaying a responsiveness and drive today that is even greater than the responsiveness and drive that got us here in the first place.

Which brings me back to our portfolio. And, suffice it to say, not only is it impressive, but something tells me that we’ll be coming out with stuff that raises the bar even higher than we normally manage to do.

Oh the wonder.

Where do you see it going?

Of course, in the absence of me telling you anything about our future portfolio, what are the kinds of things you expect, predict, or hope for? Should make for an interesting discussion.

So, comment away.

Image from Jeff Keen