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October 17, 2008

Quick note: Need help? Here are some links.

GLOBAL – Every so often here at Nokia Conversations we get a question or comment related to support, such as how to do something, where to find an update, or where to find a repair shop.

Alas, we are not a support channel, nor are we related to the teams that spend their whole time building and delivering support services to our millions of customers. We do, though, send any questions or comments we do get to the appropriate support people for them to follow up with. But that is woefully inefficient for you and us.

Is there anything you can do that is more direct, say, with online info? Fortunately, there are two places you can turn to.

Start with these places

The guys at support told me of two places where you should go to start your journey into getting support. Their philosophy is to give you as much information as possible online for you to quickly and simply get the info and tools you need to get the support you need.

One place for you to go is the Nokia Support section on Here you will find software, manuals, Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials, information on product recycling and repair, and, of course, the last-gasp contact methods. I’ve used it quite often to download extra software or get the manuals I always throw out.

The other place is the Nokia Discussion Forums. These forums are really great for finding out if someone has already come up with a solution to the problem or found out the quickest way to the solution. I’ve used it a few times to find out about the benefit of a particular software update, or how to get around a pesky problem with a product I had.

In closing…

Instead of leaving a support comment here on Nokia Conversations, go visit these two places. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, you will have a way to contact the support folks directly. And we hope you have a successful conclusion to any issue you may run into related to our products and services.

Once again, the links:

Nokia Support pages –

Nokia Discussion Forums –