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October 20, 2008

Two-minute cheat sheet of Nokia’s history

GLOBAL – The nature of being immersed in the realm of mobile technology naturally dictates that we hungrily devour current developments, simultaneously keeping one eye on the telescope firmly fixed on the horizon. Truth is looking backwards isn’t a typical behavioral trait when it comes to our breed, but of course it’s healthy, can be refreshing and is often entertaining, as proved by Symbian Freaks’ A Look Back At Nokia History piece that ran over the weekend.

Sure, this is by no means an in-depth walkthrough, from Nokia’s humble rubbery beginnings to where it sits today, but that’s what’s refreshing is its broad-stroke appeal. This bite-size story reads like a fondly scribbled Post-It note reminder, and neatly echos the evolution of mobile services and how they are being fashioned to fit our snack happy culture for consuming digital information.

Not wanting to whip out the rose-tinted spectacles (they’re a little smudged, okay), but it’s easy to forget where Nokia came from, and how it has adapted and shifted its focus and expertise over the decades. Yet what is clear, is that the Nokia of today isn’t as we’d have imagined it even three years ago, with services such as a Ovi, Comes with Music and context aware apps on the frontline. Of course, we can look through the telescope at the horizon (with the help of divisions such as Nokia Research Center, and individuals such as Jan Chipchase looking ahead), but as crystal clear as the future might look, it’s encouraging to think that Nokia remains nimble enough to carve exciting routes that can still defy expectation and assure us that the future is by no means carved in stone… or carbon fibre for that matter.

So if you’re in the mood for a quick snack and trip down memory lane Symbian Freak’s quick history is worth a look.

Do you think the future of Nokia is predictable? Where do you think things are heading, or should be heading? Post your thoughts below.

Photo from Ross C.