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October 21, 2008

Creatures of the deep – the video!

GLOBAL – One of the first, and most hotly anticipated games to roll out on Ngage was Creatures of the Deep. Born out of an idea producer Mike Smith had over 17 years ago, the game quickly nabbed critical and consumer acclaim.

Now the makers have sat down and produced a “making of” video, telling the Creatures story on the little screen.

According to the video, the game was actually three years in the making and involved over 100 people through the creation, production and marketing process. Although Mike Smith and the team behind the game are clearly passionate about fishing, the developers they ended up working with weren’t, but the production team reckoned this was a good thing as it offered a fresh eye on the concept.

Besides, it meant the production team could spend their time hunting out the best fishing locations around the world. It was using these locations that helps give the game its reality, given that each fishing spot is based on a real place.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though and the team reckons one of the biggest challenges was getting a single user experience across a whole range of devices. It must be a nightmare to do, but from what I’ve seen of the game, they’ve actually pulled it off.

Testing too, was a big challenge. One tester managed to play every single aspect of the game in five days. She must have had sore thumbs though – the producers reckon there’s at least 70 to 80 hours of solid game play in the game, so getting through it in five days is pretty impressive.

It’s quite long, so you might want to make a nice cup of tea before you hit play.