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October 30, 2008

N96 World Tour meets Hugshirt

LONDON, UK – I am thrilled so far with the first stage of the N96 World Tour. I will admit that I prefer to let things happen on their own, so usually get in trouble at work for not going out with guns blazing, or for not delineating a project from start to finish. Nonetheless, I trust the amazing abilities of interesting people to do interesting things.

Steve Lawson, our first host on the N96 World Tour, had a busy day yesterday and brought the N96 along. He spoke with the CEO of CuteCircuit, makers of wearable tech. CuteCircuit was presenting as part of a contest by the UKTI, the winners would be part of UKTI’s booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February next year (a video intro by Steve on this topic).

Read on for more and a video.

Steve was on hand to hear about the competition (video) and to watch CuteCircuit present (video).

CuteCircuit indeed won the competition and Steve caught up with the CEO to learn more about the product (video below). Folks like CuteCircuit are pushing the boundaries of what we think is acceptable interaction with communication tools. The hand-phone-ear metaphor has been around for over a century, and freeing it from a wall and making it mobile caused a huge behavioral change in society. What will happen when we layer new modes of communication over that, say a hug or embed it in our clothing?

To the video!

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