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October 31, 2008

More comparison with Apple. Will it ever end?

ESPOO, Finland – OK, I’ve said over and over that we normally do not comment on or make comparisons with other companies. Mostly, it’s to be polite.

Regardless, others are doing the comparisons for us, so today I’ll share with your some articles I found that make a comparison between our products and a particular rising mobile phone manufacturer. Read on to see what was said.

Phone party tricks
Steve Litchfield, over at All About Symbian, a writer and website dedicated to everything Symbian, couldn’t take it any more and decided to show how his Symbian devices can do just as many cool tricks, if not more, than one of ‘those phones’. It’s as nice a comparison as anyone can do, and, to be fair, has one gripe against Nokia (which I have mentioned previously).

Did he miss anything? The long list of comments evens out some spots in the article, but you might have more to add.

Or is this kind of “I’m an iPhone. I’m a Nseries” comparison sort of irrelevant?

My phone can beat up your phone

Of course, my favorite comparison is between the Nokia 1100 and the iPhone (alas, in Spanish). It focuses on texting, battery life, and cost. Kinda tongue in cheek, of course. The iPhone really can’t hold a match to the 1100 (or should I say, flashlight?).

Ready, set, compete!

When the Nokia 5800 Xpress launched, we were a tad concerned that folks would seek to draw comparisons between the 5800 and the iPhone, since both are phones with a touch interface. Fortunately, folks realized that the differences between the products (price, target customers, feature set beyond the touch interface) clearly positioned the 5800 as a different phone altogether.

Nonetheless, the folks at think those differences are exactly what the iPhone needed, giving Apple something to compete against (kinda like a return volley). It will be interesting to see if Apple modifies their next iPhone in response to what the 5800 brings. Furthermore, what worries me is that, while people accepted the 5800 was not a direct competitor of the iPhone, everyone seems to be waiting for Nokia’s next volley, hopefully from an Nseries phone.

That’s a huge expectation.

The marketing of politics

OK, so this is not an iPhone-Nseries comparison. Nonetheless, I thought this was kinda of funny, especially considering how anxious I am about the US election (I am American).

Nicholas Deleon, of CrunchGear, commented on the campaigning styles of both candidates. The funny thing is that he feels that the Obama campaign style is like Nokia’s marketing style, while the McCain campaign style is more like, you guessed it, Apple’s marketing style. Go read his analysis and decide for yourself.

Very funny. And we always like a bit of love from the Crunchies.

Image from shane o mac