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October 31, 2008

Video: Under the shroud of Nokia Games Innovation winner Ghostwire

ROME, Italy – Earlier this week we brought you word on the winners of the Nokia Games Innovation Challenge, which saw a Ghostwire earn first place for it’s mould-breaking gameplay concepts, including action that see you use of your handset’s camera to augment reality and go ghost hunting in ‘real-life’.

Since then, one of the key developers, Tom Soderlund from Sweden-based developer A Different Game, has stepped in front of the camera to chat about the concept behind Ghostwire, N-Gage and his take on the “eco system of distributing games”. Plus you’ll get a closer look at the game in action, and witness how the phone is exploited for ghost hunting gameplay. Watch it in full here…

Keep an eye out for more videos on the other winning entires, Watchers and Melokey, coming shortly.