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November 3, 2008

I have too many phones, identify and comment

ESPOO, Finland – I’d been waiting a long time to be given an N85 and an E71 (that weren’t prototypes). Yeah, you’d think phones would be growing on trees here in Nokia Central, but that isn’t so. You still need a rock solid business reason (to buy one) and the right connections (to get one from the marketing stash) to land a phone here.

Well, all of a sudden, I get an N85 and E71 just when I make the decision to start using a Nokia 1209 as part of the The 1100 Club. Now I have too many phones and will be using the simplest of them all.

Here is a photo off all my phones that I have recently used. Like previous phones, most are going to be returned to the company stash (especially the 5800, which is a prototype) and recycled (I’ll be back to the E71 and N85 after the Club 1100 fun). And, no, don’t ask for them, since they are not mine to give (yeah, that is one of the catches with our phones, they always belong to the company).

So, can you identify them? Are you swamped with many phones or forced to have at least two? Isn’t it a mess keeping them all in sync and charged and and, and, and… well, you comment.