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November 3, 2008

More mould-smashing mobile gaming innovators on film

ROME, ItalyGhostwire might’ve nabbed the top slot at the Nokia Games Innovation Challenge, but the runners-up – Melokey and Watchers – look equally comfortable tightrope-walking the mobile gameplay cutting-edge. We’ve corralled a couple of videos featuring the key minds behind these envelope-pushing portable games.

One that personally struck a chord with my location-based leanings was Watchers, created by Eclipse Interactive based in the UK. Nic Garner, Managing Director at Eclispe tells how the concept for Watchers was born over ten years ago, and chats about the importance of connected devices in gaming, and the potential of the N-Gage platform.


Melokey slipped into second place in the competition just above Watchers. See it’s creators talk about the concept behind the game and N-Gage in general.