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November 3, 2008

Way We Live Next interview with NFC man, Jeremy Belostock

ESPOO, Finland – We’ve spoken a few times about Near Field Communications (NFC). We even caught up with Jeremy Belostock, the main guy in NFC at Nokia, back in April (video).

We’ve been meaning to get back to him for an update. Instead, we managed to get our hands on a video interview (below) by Mark Durrant, from the Way We Live Next team here at Nokia.* He asks Jeremy to explain how NFC works and security and business issues related to NFC.

Business necessities

Often the team here at Nokia Conversations talks about the potential of NFC. My preference is to let it go wild, seeing how the teens take it up and hack it.

Alas, the reality is that to build the NFC phones, the infrastructure, the tags, we need a big draw. And letting teens run wild with tech is not as big a draw as is needed. Hence, the NFC team has realized the importance to focus on the business needs that do have a big draw, and hence, are very keen to support the companies that are betting on NFC, such as the operators.

Jeremy discusses this below, but I’ve also heard it from others from outside the NFC team, who would also like to release NFC to all, business-free. Yup. The way to wide-spread use of NFC is through operators and banks who can pair up investment with business potential.

But, enough chat. On to the video!

*The Way We Live Next team also has a series of podcasts of tech leaders from Nokia. Go check it out.