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November 4, 2008

Video update: Club 1100 – I’m in it!

ESPOO, Finland – A while back I mentioned my on and off frustration with what computers have become… I mean, smartphones have become. I suggested we all drop smartphones and use simpler phones, such as the iconic Nokia 1100, which over 200 million people bought (that’s almost as many as the whole smartphone market).

It was just a bit of fun, but I went through with it and found a Nokia 1209 to make my own. Understandably, I had to change some things. And what’s more, I have to do this just as I get my hands on the two devices I wanted most, the E71 and the N85.

So, I made a video (see below) relating the things I’m going to miss from my N85 as I start using the Nokia 1209.

Going mobile-analog

What a mobile phone affords is to be lax in planning, to be more last minute. What a smartphone affords is for you to be free of the desk and spend more time in meatspace. So, pulling back on what the smartphone was giving me, I have to now plan my trips better (printing out maps before I leave home), carry a note book (to contain my calendar and contacts that are not on the phone), have a separate camera, and use my computer to upload to and follow activity on all the social networks I participate in.

I’m not seeking to emulate conditions in emerging markets. My work requires computers, so I will catch up with the online world (my second life) the old-fashioned way, at a desk. And I will be using a service that allows me to connect to Twitter via SMS and might try out some other services that allow me to use voice or SMS to do some things on the Web.

A 30 day program

Yeah, I’ll try to make it the whole month with just the Nokia 1209. I’ve actually wiped out the info on my N85 and N71 and will not carry them to take away that safety net (though now I need a digital camera). Let’s see how it goes.

Some other things I’ll be trying is to see how long I can go without recharging – indeed, I haven’t charged in 2 days and been playing games and making calls and the first battery bar is still not gone. I’ll also consider working my way up the series, maybe getting a 3xxx-series phone (the Nokia 3110 Evolve?) next.

What do you think?

In any case, watch the video to se what I’m leaving behind and let me know what you think.