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November 6, 2008

The web made by hand

LONDON, England – Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing with Nokia viNe. Regulars will remember my fondness for the idea when it was first mooted a while back. I’ve been treated to the alpha version of the software which has been enough to get stuck in and see what it’s all about.

My participation so far has been reasonably limited, but surely enough to want to write a little about it.

So the idea is simple. Switch on Nokia viNe, take shots, move around, see and record things and when you’re done, transfer the whole lot online. Why? Well, actually, why not? I was away last week and it was quite cool to come back and see where I’d been, and the shots I took whilst I was there. There’s something faintly satisfying (for someone who hasn’t really bothered to do it before) to see your pics on a map in the (almost) exact spot you shot them. I quite like it.

No, I don’t (and most likely won’t) use viNe every day and there’s no need to. It’s a bit more of a special occasion app for my liking. Mrs BC couldn’t understand why I’d want to use it when I showed it off
first day, until I explained it’s potential for shopping expeditions. She still wasn’t convinced. Still, she only has a 6300. I don’t expect her to get it, yet. I do though and I’m fast becoming a big fan of it.

The program is still very much in alpha phase, but could see itself wander further afield before too long. I certainly hope it does, simply because it deserves to be. If you fancy a look, you’ll find my vines under “Technology” if you look at the Nokia viNes site. Now, who’s up for it, and what would you use it for?