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November 7, 2008

The big phone charger question

GLOBAL – Mobile phone chargers are often (and rightly) demonized for their vampirish juice-hungry habits, and the topic of exploring more eco and energy efficient solutions has been chatted about previously here on Conversations – way back in April, Charlie asked what if we all changed our chargers? Plus, around the same time we reported on Nokia’s prototype Zero Waste charger.

But surely there’s more to the phone charger conundrum than using more efficient chargers.

Do we even need chargers anymore?

What I mean by this is that with so many of us already owning devices with chargers, when we get a new handset does it need to have a charger included? What if it didn’t. Would you be upset? Or what about the choice of getting a handset with a charger or without. Surely, having the option would be smart. This is an area that is being explored at Nokia, alongside heaps of other methods for improving energy efficiency and sustainability, and we hope to have more concrete details on what’s being done soon.

Then there’s the array of chargers, and different size adaptors to suit each model. Certainly a one-size-fits-all approach would be utopian, but is that realistic with the different demands and designs of each handset that Nokia launches? I’m sorry, I know I’m bombarding you with questions, but I’m extremely keen to find out what you think about it all.

Jot down your thoughts in the comments section below.