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November 10, 2008

Video: Top Nokia Designer explores future mobile trends

SOUTH KOREA, Asia – It’s Jan Chipchase‘s job to look into the future, glimpsing how we’ll behave in three to 15 years time. If you’re a regular Conversations reader you’ll be familiar with our fascination with Jan’s work as part of Nokia Design, traveling the globe researching human behaviour, social interaction, trends, and investigating what it all means and how it could mould and help fine-tune Nokia’s approach towards future developments.

Even if you only have the vaguest interest in what the future may hold or why we behave the way we do with our technology, be it mobile or otherwise, watching a Jan Chipchase talk isn’t time wasted. At the weekend I stumbled across this video of his talk at the recent Lift Asia design conference in Korea, in which he delves into future trends and highlights some interesting cases, including using dummy products and actors to gauge strangers reactions.

Click through to watch the full 23-minute video, it’s seriously worth a watch…

Let us know what you think about Jan’s observations.

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