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November 11, 2008

The T3 Power 50

LONDON, England – UK Gadget mag T3 recently ran its first ever Power50 – the 50 most powerful people in technology. Broken into various categories, the one that caught our eye of course was CEOs where Nokia’s very own Olli-Pekka Kalasvuo featured alongside the likes of Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmar and Jerry Yang (but oddly not Eric Schmidt). Yes, this is some more of our very own (as Charlie describes it) horn-tooting but why the hell not? T3 is one of the biggest gadget mags in the world, with 24 editions published around the world (it also happens to be where I used to work as editor-in-chief).

T3 intro’s the inaugural feature as

“T3’s guide to technology’s movers
and shakers, from Steve Jobs through to Ryan Block, whose blog,
Engadget, caused Apple’s stock to plummet when it reported the iPhone
and Leoopard OS would be delayed. Who knew so many people were to blame
for our gadget obsession?”

Of OPK it says simply

“This man has the luxury of being able to claim a
40 per cent market share worldwide, and over a billion handsets sold”.

Succint, yes, but also on the mark.

Some other names stood out for us too, for OPK is in pretty esteemed
company. Ryan Block, as mentioned in the intro, has to be one of the
most influential bloggers ever to walk the earth. He’s since left
Engadget and is working on, in semi-secret, his new site,
which is currently a weekly podcast but promises to be something else
entirely before long. Kevin Rose, founder of also features.
Someone who comes across as entirely unassuming has created one of the
biggest news aggregation sites on the planet.

Floating somewhat surprisingly under the journalists category is actor,
writer, broadcaster and presenter Stephen Fry. One of the funniest
intellectuals you’ll ever watch, read or listen to his knowledge of
consumer electronics is frightening and he’s just launched a rather
nice looking new site

You can read the full feature in the November issue of T3 or check out
the gallery on Meanwhile, would might make your power50?