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November 13, 2008

Video: E63 in the flesh

ESPOO, Finland – Yesterday we woke up to news of the E63 emerging from the shadows, adding a splash of colour to the Eseries stable and shaking things up a little with its low-cost-feature-heavy social network leanings.

Since then we met up with Mikko Aro, the product manager for the E63, who stepped in front of the camera to give a detailed look at the device and explain some of the core ideas behind it. Click through to see the E63 up close and in action.

It’s impossible not to draw physical comparisons between the E63 and the E71, as their shells are built from the same blueprint, but the use of materials, both in terms of colour and texture, make the E63 feel like a different device entirely. The rubberized keypad and plastic casing gives the handset a more casual feel, but despite this it retains its weighty and robust build quality, actually managing to tip the scales at the same 126g mark as the E71.

Hit play to watch Mikko Aro talk about many of the handsets key features, and the concept that drove the creation of the E63.