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November 17, 2008

Planting N-Gage seeds on non N-Gage devices

GLOBAL – As the N-Gage platform gradually evolves, with more devices becoming compatible with the service (the N78 and 6210 navigator earned their N-Gage wings last week), it’s interesting to see an N-Gage game emerge that embraces non N-Gage handsets. The game in question, is a curious upcoming title called Yamake, and what particularly stands out about this cutesy game is that N-Gage players can share levels and aspects of the game with friends with S60 3rd edition devices that don’t support the N-Gage platform.

Cross-platform gaming isn’t an entirely new concept, having been successfully realised in Reset Generation, a game that encourages N-Gage and PC gaming crossover. However, the creation of Yamake, an N-Gage game that sews its seed on non-compatible devices, does beg the question of how far this concept can be pushed and how quickly, in terms of opening and tailoring the N-Gage experience to even more devices that mightn’t typically have N-Gage credentials. What do you think?

Yamake has yet to be stamped with a release date, but the creators have put together an intriguing short film of a pair of Yamake creatures creating things. Are you sitting comfortably? Then hit play for a teaser.

Yamake Shortfilm from Yamake on Vimeo