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ESPOO, Finland – We’d spoken before about how Nokia devices work with Macs. But we also suggested that there might be more coming down the line. And there is.

Marko Lindgren, Senior Product Manager in the Ovi Desktop group in Nokia Software and Services, granted me a few moments to explain what he’s up to with Mac desktop software, what it takes to get this through Nokia, when things might happen, and some other interesting tidbits.

See the video, below, for more.

Macs at Nokia
Marko is part of a small group of people at Nokia who are making Mac software. As he says in the video, Nokia is quite focused on Windows computers. Lots of us use Macs in our daily work, but have to work really hard to justify having a Mac over a Windows box (please, no flames here, it’s easier now than a few years ago). Naturally, it then becomes hard to justify making Mac desktop software at a scale that matters for Nokia to make the investment.

Fortunately, Marko is proof that the company sees a benefit in creating Mac desktop software (also, internally, it is allowed, even though not easily). And, as we get deeper into making Mac software, I hope that things are successful enough to open up the company a bit more to Mac use (yes, this is self-serving).