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November 25, 2008

Unshackling mobile video sharing via high-speed uploads

ESPOO, Finland – Download speeds, and how fast we can suck up data over the air via 3G and newer HSDPA technologies, has been a collective obsession in recent years. Well, in fairness we’re not interested in the technologies per se, but rather purely the fact that we’re now (in many territories) able to download complex webpages, soak up songs and receive bloated attachment-packed emails in seconds. So it’s fair to say that the incoming delivery service is humming, and we’re reaping the fruits. However, on the flip-side, the outgoing postal service and uploading in general has been less talked about and has yet to spark a flame of excitement.

But of course it should, and now is the time to fan the fire.

We’re very consciously engulfed and engaged in an era of intense sharing, be it Facebook, YouTube, Ovi Share, Qik, Flickr or Kyte flavoured – fact is, we’re armed with the ability to accept heavy data packages on-the-move at speed, but frustratingly aren’t able to send and share at nearly the same rate. This of course, echoes the home broadband scene, where we see downloads trump uploads in their ten-folds, but mobile devices with rapid over-the-air upload speeds that are close to their high-speed download counterparts are beginning to filter through into our pockets, and ultimately will begin to help unlock the true potential of video sharing on the move.

Today Nokia announced one such device, and what’s interesting is that it isn’t an Nseries device. The 6260 slide (pictured) is an understated mid-range Series 40 device that boasts HSUPA talents (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) meaning it can send data via the network significantly faster, closely mirroring HSDPA’s download skills. Like GPS, this technology is not being reserved for top-end devices, but rather is filtering into the mainstream, ensuring it can be adopted and exploited by the casual social media sharers as well as hardcore mobile mavens.

HSUPA is sure to face many of the challenges experienced in the emergence and adoption of HSDPA, where the networks need to support the technology. But certainly coverage promises to begin to spread over the coming months and years, meaning that we will begin to experience a new era of sharing, where the fun is as much in the giving as the receiving, and frustration and limitations are stripped out of the equation.

The prospect also adds real weight to the concept of managing a cloud-based mobile existence, where you’re effortlessly able to upload and access your content in equal measure.

Does this prospect light your fire? Let us know by posting your opinions below.