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November 28, 2008

Next week is Nokia World 2008, and we’ll be there

BARCELONA, Spain – I just want to remind everyone that Nokia World 2008 is coming, 2-3 December, next week. James and I will be there to bring you stories from the show floor. Carita and Mike will be back home making sure everything runs smoothly.

Below, I have a list of things we’ll be doing and how to follow us while we’re there.

Official word
Nokia World is the big annual confab where we bring in customers, journalists, analysts, and others to listen to what the company has been up to. It’s also a great time for us to tell folks how we see the industry evolving and what good things we’re bringing out in the next year.

To follow the official Nokia World channel, go to There we will be showing the keynotes, live, have videos of the various speakers (as they are produced), and a ton of other things you can download or gawk at. There will also be some chat sessions that we will be participating in.

What we’ll have (does that make us “Unofficial”?)
We’ll have four eyes, four ears, two laptops, two video cameras, and a one tricked out E71 to help us report what we see, hear, and make up. We set up a Twitter stream (yes, finally) and will be uploading videos to YouTube as we can. We’ll also be broadcasting on our Nokia World Kyte channel.

For stories and fun videos, of course, we are the place. But we are not the only ones at Nokia World, so we’re working up a special page on Netvibes for you to follow other indie-journalists, like us, who are there. We also have our own aggregated FriendFeed of everything.

And finally, if there is only one thing you remember, we have a list of our streams you can follow at the bottom right of our pages.

Of course, all this gizmo-wizardry can be finicky, flaky, and FAIL, so expect a best-effort from us to not only utilize these services to get the word out, but also to respond and participate in any conversation happening on them during the event.

Where we will be
Of course, Nokia World is the big event of the week in Barcelona. But, as usual, Rudy and gang have organized a Mobile Monday Barcelona to coincide. Our great pal, Matt Mizenko will be there to talk about Ovi and online services at Nokia. Unless we have other ‘hosting’ duties then, we hope to be there, too, ready to heckle him.

If you’re in town, let us know and we’ll see if we can meet up. If you’re at the Nokia World, please do not leave without saying hello.