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December 2, 2008

Messaging goes social

BARCELONA, Spain – Earlier we caught up with Tom Furlong who looks after messaging at Nokia. Clearly excited with the public unveiling of Mail on Ovi and Nokia Messaging, he took us through the details of what we can expect to see when the services go live. With Mail on Ovi rolling out this month and Nokia Messaging coming early next year, there’s plenty to look forward to.

What we found interesting though was Tom’s vision of the future for messaging. We’ve written on here before about how big a deal Mail on Ovi is, given its ability to offer email to those who own or use a PC. Nokia Messaging will be rolling out with support for multiple email and Instant Messaging accounts. Down the line though, support for social network messaging will be rolled in, so you’ll be able to send a message to someone in your social network, directly from the Nokia Messaging client. We have to say, that’s pretty cool. Now, with the surprise spoiled, tune in below to see what else Tom had to say.