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December 2, 2008

Nokia N97 designer interview

BARCELONA, Spain – We’ve been wowed since this morning’s announcement and having now had a little play with the new Nokia N97, genuinely impressed is about the best way to sum it up. Imagine our delight then, when we got to sit down with the man responsible for the look and feel of the device, Shunjiro Eguchi. Creating a device like the N97 takes time and vision. Shunjiro puts the vision down to the users and the field research the design team do.

Every aspect of the device is influenced by how someone uses it and what they need to get out of it. The technology is very much secondary, in that fulfilling the need is the starting point, and the technology is then designed to fit around it. But, I’ll let the man himself explain it, here he is in full technicolour splendor. Your responses are welcome in the comments below.