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December 4, 2008

Reaction to the N97

BARCELONA, Spain – There’s been no shortage of coverage of this week’s big announcement. And in terms of size, the volume of opinions is just as big as the volume of coverage. This makes for pretty interesting reading too. Of the 1,000 or so N97 related stories listed in Google news, we’ve just flicked through a handful of intriguing headlines to see what’s been said.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s being said…

Brian Caulfiled from makes the comparison to Netbooks, with his rather strong headline of “Why Nokia could kill the netbook”. His reasoning is certainly interesting, but he delivers a twist at the end which makes the whole thing worth a look:

New York-based Paul Taylor at the wonders whether it’s too little too late, citing a number of reasons as to why the N97 might well have a tough time of it. He isn’t all negative though, describing the device as both sleek and innovative.

Seth Weintraub takes a more hardline approach in his blog on Computerworld. With the headline “Nokia N97 fails as an iPhone competitor” sure to attract plenty of attention, he goes on to list his reasons why he believes the N97 isn’t going to take down iPhone.

Writing in the LA Times, Alana Semuels draws a curious medievil analogy that’s well worth a read. Semuels quotes Current Analysis research director Avi Greengart who was in Barcelona and played with the device calling “drool-worthy”and “a beautiful device”.

Lily Peel at the UK’s Times Online got some hand’s on time with the device and was pretty pleased with it. She described the addition of the slide out screen as “a nice touch”. Lily also picked up on the software:

Finally, Jack Ewing at BusinessWeek believes the N97 is the new rival to iPhone. Drawing the laptop comparison, he opens his story with:

That’s just a snapshot of what we’ve seen so far, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come. Now, what do you reckon?