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December 5, 2008

Quick link dump of Nokia product related posts

ESPOO, Finland – Ok, if you’re like me, you’re all excited for what cool things we showed this past week at Nokia World. But, in the mean time, I need to discharge all my open tabs that I’ve been collecting to share with you. They’re about Nokia products, but worth mentioning and discussing.

What are you waiting for? Read on.

The Nokia E63 launched recently (we wrote about it a bit and have a video). Engadget have a few comments about it, with some positive comments by their readers.

The Guru, himself, gushes about a new AT&T phone, the Nokia 6650. This is not the full review, but he’s already taking questions for when he does do one.

Ani, at, is still craving a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. He’s written a thoughtful piece about the device. Of note, he’s given Nokia a few tips on how to make sure it’s a hit in India, when it comes out (couldn’t escape that one). And he uses Apple’s missteps as guide for what Nokia should do. I hope Nokia India is listening (and I’l try to give then a nudge, as well).

Mobile Burn also have a review of the 5800 (wow, is this our sleeper of the year? folks seem to be going ga-ga over it). This review is particularly interesting due to the detail (in video) they have gone into showing the features. Go check it out.

And, finally, don’t just wait to get the device as Nokia makes them, go and pimp it up. Our fancy Nokia 7310 Supernova can now be customized over the Web (though I think only in France and certain Asian countries). Still, this is cool and I wonder what other devices Nokia might do this with. What if we took customization farther, such that, like Dell, you select all the parts and software you want and get shipped your own special device? That’s be so cool!

And speakng of cool things over the Web, the latest child out of the SportsTracker labs, Nokia viNe, has now launched publicly. James is using it. Don’t know if I will. But, I suppose you could.

Do you N-Gage? Then here’s a review of the new “One” zip-bang-pow fighting game.

Parting shot
As you might know, Ralph, the Hawtness, (the device formerly known as N96), who I set off on a World Tour, has been in Australia, sunning and hanging out with cool folks. As happens on these wild travels through distant lands, Ralph now has been spruced up with stickers. Uh, that’s him up top.

We’ll see what he picks up as he whips though Brasil next.