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December 8, 2008

VIDEO: Using the real world as your digital mobile paint pot

BARCELONA, Spain – Last week Nokia World was awash with heavyweight announcements such as the N97 and Maps on Ovi. While these rightfully stole the limelight there were a bunch of interesting developments buzzing beneath the radar, such as the Nokia Supernova Theme Coloriser application demoed for us on the 7610.

Stalking the show floor we bumped into Ulisse Sarmiento, Product Manager, 7610 Supernova, who was keen to step in front of the lens to show us how this interesting new app works. Essentially the Colourise Theme software seen on the 7610 Supernova enables you to use the phone’s camera to scan the spectrum of colours you put in front of it and translate a digital colour palette that you can use on your mobile from any array of colours found in the physical world.

Click through to watch a video of this smart bite-size app in action.

In this short clip Ulisse shows us how any real-life object or scene can be analyzed by the Colourise Theme application and digitized – the colour info it captures via the camera is applied to existing themes, but even affects the light behind the navi ring, meaning that the theme seeps out of the screen and across the face of the device making it feel even more customized.