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December 10, 2008

Legends in their own lifetime

LONDON, England – The other week I wrote a post having dug my old N95 out of the cupboard and asked simply how we view the N95 today. The responses, I have to say, were pretty astounding and thankfully I wasn’t too far off the mark in describing it as a classic. Although, you all had your own take too and with legendary, iconic, defining, complete and cool all joining the N95 fanclub lexicon, we’re still without an actual defining term for it. To be honest, I’m quite happy to settle for all of the above.

The process though, made me think that perhaps the N95 isn’t the only Nokia worth thinking or caring about. Surely there are others. Jay_Pablo mentioned the 9500, while Rita raved about the N82 and E71 (another future classic, I think). I still have an original N91 in the drawer which, whilst I wouldn’t refer to as a classic, necessarily, did push the boundaries somewhat.

Let’s not forget the smaller ones too. For their own reasons the 1100 series devices behold heroic status and even midrange devices are worthy of some accolades. So, how about it then. Your favourites, together with reasons why listed below. Heck we might even create a hall of fame. Is that too self-serving?

Photo by AndySonOfRobert