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December 11, 2008

Forum Nokia freshened up and inspired

GLOBAL – I stumbled across the Forum Nokia site as part of my routine virtual morning stroll, and was immediately struck by its spruced up appearance.

A few clicks later and it’s clear that this isn’t just a cosmetic makeover, as it’s innards have also gone under the knife and been entirely reconstructed to streamline the process of enabling application developers and publishers to create, publish and get support for their projects.

My first dabblings on the site led me to a new I Want To section, that smartly and simply hand-holds you through the creative channels you most likely want to pursue as a developer, whether you’re looking to receive testing or tech support or if you’re simply on the hunt for design ideas. I followed the design ideas route within the site when I was met with far more of a pay-off than I guess you’d typically expect from this breed of online journey. I’m talking about the Design Gallery – this page feels genuinely inspirational as you’re greeted with a bold and stylish carousel of applications that you can scroll through, each highlighted with their strongest points in terms of visual design, interaction design and overall experience.

It’s peppered with familiar faces in the mobile app realm, with big names such as Twitter and lesser known apps such as Pikkoo (a screensaver manager), but definitely worth a look if you’re interested in design. Plus, there’s heaps of other stuff on the site to rummage through and explore.

Take a look at the new Forum Nokia site and let us know what you reckon to it.